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Coming Soon – Bond Street Chelmsford

Hi Everyone, Today’s post is about something I have been getting more and more excited about as the year has gone on, the opening of the first John Lewis store in Essex! Back in 2014 it was announced that the company would be opening a store in my home town of Chelmsford (technically a city… Continue reading Coming Soon – Bond Street Chelmsford


#eSCexbbmeetup Hosted by Saturated Colour

Hi Everyone! For my first proper post of my relaunch I wanted to tell you about a fantastic event I attended. Way back in May I heard about the #eSCexbbmeetup hosted by the brand Saturated Colour, and jumped at the chance to attend and show my support for a local company. I almost didn’t make… Continue reading #eSCexbbmeetup Hosted by Saturated Colour