35 before 35 challenge – Update


Hi Everyone!

Last December, when it was my 34th birthday, I introduced a challenge I had set myself for the year ahead. As I will be turning 35 this year, I devised a list of 35 things that I was going to do before my birthday, which is 7thDecember.

This was obviously pre-pandemic, when I didn’t realise that I would be spending half the year shut away in my own home. Needless to say, I completely slacked off and didn’t even give the challenge a thought from March onwards.

I still love the idea of the challenge, so after trying to figure out how I could complete it in the time I have left, I decided that I would just extend it! I have added an extra year on to it, so that I have until I stop being 35, rather than when I turn 35. This means that I now have until 7th December 2021.

I have made slight progress in some areas, so whilst I was updating you on my challenge extension, I thought I would share with you where I am with each point, and how I plan on completing them.


  1. Read 100 books – I have read 30 books so far. I would like to still see if I can finish this one before the end of this year.
  2. Watch 100 films I have never seen before – I was up to about five or six, then I stopped making a note of what I had watched, so I’m going to start this again.
  3. Travel to another country alone – I had planned to do this this summer, I was thinking of a city break on the Eurostar somewhere, but… well we all know what happened there! As soon as I know it is safe to travel again, I will reschedule.
  4. Get a tattoo – I have an idea of what I want, actually about four ideas, but I really want to lose some weight before I get this done, so watch this space.
  5. Do ‘Up at the O2’ – I have had a few people say they want to do this with me, so hopefully I can fit it in by the end of the summer.
  6. Finish writing a novel – Yea… I should probably start that…
  7. Spend a day alone as a tourist in London – I had planned this in for July but am hoping to do it in September instead.
  8. Start a YouTube channel – This is something I have been able to work on behind the scenes. I’m not quite ready to go yet, but hopefully by the end of August I will be.
  9. Host a Blogger event – I’ve had so many ideas for great blogger events, but I think this is something that will have to be shelved until 2021.
  10. Run a half marathon – The event I had planned to run in had to be cancelled. As I mentioned in my life update, I have been working on my fitness, and will hopefully be ready to take part in another event next year.
  11. Be an extra on tv or in a film – This is something else that will need to be shelved until 2021.
  12. Drive from Land’s End to John O’Groats – Now that hotels have reopened, I can get back to planning this road trip.
  13. Go Glamping – We’re currently deciding where we should go glamping, we’ve found so many awesome looking pods to choose from.
  14. Go to a Drive in Movie – Our local open-air cinema has just reopened!
  15. Lose three stone – I’ve made some progress with this and have lost 9lbs so far. Due to health problems and my medication it is going to be a very slow process, but I’m determined to get there.
  16. Find the perfect pair of jeans – I’m holding off on this one until I have lost some weight too.
  17. Meet and interview someone I admire – I have a couple of people of mind for this one!
  18. Achieve my gold pin at work – This is something call handlers get to recognise achieving high call compliance. Since setting that as one of my challenges I have actually left that job. I do still have a bank contract so perhaps by next year I will get it, it’s not very likely though. Before I left, I did get another award though, which was the Discharged Alive one, which means a patient made a full recovery following a cardiac arrest in which I instructed the caller on how to give CPR.
  19. Go Vegan for a week – I can do this any time, so will try and get it ticked off soon.
  20. Watch all of Game of Thrones – I have seen the first series, and I’ll start the rest once I have finished rewatching The Vampire Diaries.
  21. Make a photo album of all of my friends and family – I have collected all my photos and photo albums together in my spare room, so just need to make a start on the actual album.
  22. Have a spa day – I am planning on doing this for my birthday.
  23. Go and see a West End show alone – Now that the government have said that theatres can reopen, I just need to book some tickets! And decide what to see of course.
  24. Do an Alpaca Trek – I have found one that isn’t too far from me and Kev has said he will come too so I am going to book to do this in September.
  25. Visit a pumpkin patch – Fingers crossed that pumpkin patches are open this year, I won’t be able to do this until October.
  26. Go off the grid for the weekend – This will be much easier to plan now that I don’t work weekends.
  27. Have a photoshoot – This is something I need to save up for, but I can’t wait to be able to do it.
  28. Host a dinner party – I’ve had lots of BBQ’s so far this year, but no dinner parties as yet! We are going to an air B&B with friends soon so maybe I’ll be able to do it then.
  29. Pass my first year of university – I have just done my final exams, so we’ll know the answer to this when the results come in!
  30. Have afternoon tea at The Ritz – Hopefully I can convince my husband to do this one weekend!
  31. Do up the garden – Something that has actually been done! Kev was on furlough for three months, so we were able to get cracking on this, and now we have a fantastic outside space.
  32. Blog daily for a month – I’m just getting back in to blogging but give me a couple of months and I’m sure I’ll be ready for this.
  33. Let a friend give me a makeover – I know exactly which one of my friends I will get to do this!
  34. Make homemade fudge – I’ve got as far as buying the ingredients.
  35. Get Invisalign braces – I’ve pencilled May 2021 in for this.


So, out of 35… it looks like I have some work to do! Joking aside, after writing this post I have a renewed enthusiasm to get on with my challenge. 2020 has been a bit of a wash out so far, but I’m hoping to finish on a high.



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