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Recent Empties – July 2020 Part 1

Empties 1

Hi everyone!

For today’s post I will be telling you all about my most recent empties. I’ve had to split them into multiple posts as I’ve been so slack lately, that I’ve ended up with quite a few to get through! So, grab a cuppa and get comfy whilst I dig in.


Empties 2


Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel 500ml – Boots £2.99 – I prefer to use sweet and girly scented shower gels usually, but this is the one exception! When the weather is warm, or I’ve been exercising, I can sometimes suffer from the dreaded bacne. Tea tree is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so I use this to keep my troublesome areas nice and clear.

Repurchase? I have already and will continue to do so.


Dove Caring Hand Wash 250ml – Sainsbury’s £1.00 – This is just a simple but effective hand wash, to keep those pesky germs away. I always find Dove products to be moisturising, which has been handy when I’ve been using alcohol gel throughout the day.

Repurchase? I bought two at once and am using the other one now.


Mitchum Ultimate Unscented Gel Deodorant 57g – Boots £5.00 – I have featured this product in both empties and favourite posts before. It is more expensive than standard deodorants but is worth every penny. It keeps my under arms dry and smelling fresh, something that couldn’t always be said for a lot of others that I have tried! I tend to buy it when it’s on offer.

Repurchase? I have and always will.


Empties 3


Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml – Boots £6.99 each – My hair really did not agree with this range! I used the same amount as I normally would, but my hair was left feeling weighed down and greasy. I persisted by reducing the amount of product used, but then my hair just wasn’t clean. I haven’t finished these completely as they just didn’t do the job.

Repurchase? I would try other Lee Stafford products, but not this range.


Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydromist Blow Out Spray 25ml – Look Fantastic £7.25 – This was a great size for travel and although ginger isn’t normally a scent I gravitate towards, I really liked it. I have really thick hair, and lots of it, so volume isn’t really an issue for me. This helped to boost the volume at my roots though, which gave me a bit more of that salon finish feel than I would usually be able to achieve.

Repurchase? I don’t think it is an essential in my hair routine.


Empties 4


Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy Sheet Mask – Boots £10.00 for pack of three – I got this in a set in the post-Christmas sale, and unfortunately, they are no longer available from Boots, though I spotted lots of sets on eBay. There is a generous of serum in the sachet, which my skin drank right up. The pattern was kind of fun/scary too, which added novelty value.

Repurchase? I would get them again if they bring them back this year.


Mac Cosmetics Vibrant Eye Cream (sample) – I received this when I last had a bit of a splurge in Mac. The cream was nice to use, and I could see that there was something to it’s vibrancy claims. However, I don’t think skincare is something you can truly review when only used a handful of times.

Repurchase? I may give the full size a go.


Cotton Soft Cotton Wool Pads – Pretty boring empty right here! I’m not actually sure where they came from or how much they cost, but they probably came from either B&M or Home Bargains. I’ve changed over to reusable pads where possible, but still like to keep some of these handy for when I need them. They do the job!

Repurchase? I prefer the ones from Primark.


Primark P.S… Cool as a Cucumber Face Wipes – Primark £1.00 for twin pack – Face wipes are another product that I try and limit the use of. I will hold my hands up and say that sometimes all I can manage at night-time is a quick once over with a face wipe, which I would rather do that nothing at all. These cucumber ones from Primark are a personal favourite as they’re cheap, smell lovely, and are now available in a biodegradable version! (These ones were purchased before then).

Repurchase? Already have an always will.


Empties 7


Benefit That Gal mini 7.5mls – Boots £14.50 – My favourite high-end primer! The formula goes on really nicely and does have a brightening affect without making you look like a Twilight extra. It doesn’t do much to reduce the appearance of pores though, so I tend to use along with a silicone-based primer such a Porefessional, which is also by Benefit. This mini size is a great size to try as you get plenty of uses out of it as a little goes a long way.

Repurchase? Will buy the full size once I’ve used up some of the ones I already have.


MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation 35ml – Discontinued – I really liked this foundation, I found it gave me the coverage I needed without being too heavy. It lasted the whole day, and my other products sat nicely on top of it. With an RRP of £3.00 it was budget friendly too.

Repurchase? It has sadly been discontinued, otherwise I would have.


Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Very Black 13.1ml – iHerb £6.28 – All-time favourite high street/drug store mascara, which my best friend who lives in Canada always keeps me stocked up on (thanks Jenn!). It adds both volume and length and doesn’t leave you looking like a panda halfway through the day. The waterproof version was perfect for when I was working long 12-hour shifts.

Repurchase? I’m down to my last one and need to restock!


MUA Kiss Proof Lip Tint in Fruitilicious – Discontinued – I like to use a lip tint before applying my chosen lip product. This one from MUA was perfect as it was just slightly pinker than my natural lip colour. I find this method makes my lipstick or lip gloss stand out more, but it is also really nice with just a clear gloss over the top as well.

Repurchase? Another discontinued product from MUA (anyone else miss their old lines?!)


Empties 8


Patisserie De Bain Rose Bath Bomb Melt – Discontinued – I have become a bit of a bath bomb snob, I want something that smells good, makes the water look pretty, and has added skin benefits. This unfortunately didn’t manage any of the those. The only positive thing about it was that it looked cute in the box. I got this for about 69p in Home Bargains but can’t find them online anywhere in this single pack, just in multiple packs, so perhaps the formula has been changed now.

Repurchase? No.


Radox Sleep Aromatherapy Calm Your Mind Bath Oil 200ml – Superdrug £3.99 – This oil has quickly become a firm favourite for bath time. I wasn’t sure if an oil was a bath-time essential, but my super soft skin will tell you otherwise. It smells lovely, with the lavender helping me to wind down at the end of the day ready for a good night’s sleep. It also adds bubbles to the water, though I do still use a bubble bath as well.

Repurchase? Already working my way through my next bottle.


Vari Cosmetics (formerly Lavana) Mermaid Bubble Scoop – Vari Cosmetics £2.70 – Vari is my go-to brand when it comes to bath products. This is one of the older scoops, which was larger and could do two baths, which has now been discontinued and a smaller version released in its place (linked above). Mermaid contains one of my favourite scents – Bergamot, so this is a real winner for me. It also produces lots of lovely bubbles, and I like to use it alongside the matching bath bomb.

Repurchase? This will be on my list next time I place an order.


Vari Cosmetics (formerly Lavana) Spa Morning Bath Dust – Vari Cosmetics 3.00 – As well as bath bombs, Vari also do bath dust and bath brittle, which are both great ways to try out the different scents. Spa morning was a gorgeous green colour and was perfect for a relaxing bath after working long shifts during Covid.

Repurchase? I’d love to get the spa morning bath bomb next.


Empties 6


Delicious Destinations Kiwi and Palm Leaf Body Mist 100ml – Superdrug £3.99 – Body mists are really handy for freshening up during the day when you don’t want to be carrying your perfume around with you. This scent was nice and fresh, and something different from the sweet ones I would normally go for.

Repurchase? I would pick it up if I saw it on special offer.


Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold Perfume 30ml – The Fragrance Shop £43.50 – This was my favourite perfume and I’m still so sad that I’ve finished it! It has a lovely sophisticated scent which was perfect for evenings out and I could often still smell it on my jacket days later.

Repurchase? Definitely one for the birthday/Christmas list.


 Empties 5

Home Fragrance

Avon Naturals Lavender and Camomile Scented Spritz 100ml – Avon £1.50 – Another product I’m a huge fan of. I keep these bottles of spritz dotted around my house for when I want to make the place smell nice without having to burn a wax melt. This one is particularly great for the bedroom as thanks to the lavender, it also works as a sleep spray.

Repurchase? I already have.


Linen Fresh Reed Diffuser – B&M £2.99 – This lived in the downstairs toilet. It had a nice scent to begin with, but really didn’t last very long. I’ve come to the conclusion that these cheap reed diffusers are a false economy, as you end up needing to buy them more often, so I think it would be better to invest in a decent one.

Repurchase? No.


Ava May Aromas Mario Wax Melt – Ava May Aromas £5.00 – Since moving into our new house I have been fully obsessed with wax melts and have been trying out all sorts of brands. Ava May were the first ones I went for, and Mario (which is the scent black orchid) is my favourite. Each cube continues to give off a scent for a good 9-12 hours, and it spreads throughout the house

Repurchase? I’m not allowing myself to buy anymore at the moment until I use up my stash, then I will.


B&M Tealights 25 pack – B&M £1.00 – My tealights of choice are these ones from B&M as I can pick them up with my food shop! Since working from home I’ve easily been getting through six a day.

Repurchase? Will always make sure I have a constant supply.


So, there we have it, that’s part one of my empties! I hope you found these mini reviews helpful. What have you been using up lately?









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