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10 Things about… Friends


Hi Everyone

Friends. Unless you have been living under a rock you will have a least seen one episode. If not, seasons one to ten are currently available to watch on Netflix, so what are you waiting for?!

1. Male characters – As a teen watching Friends, Joey was always The One. But watching it back in my mid thirties? Well, apart from feeling incredibly old most of the time, I have been through phases with Joey, Chandler and even Ross! Joey has that cute charm, which really came to the forefront when he had feelings for Rachel. When he wasn’t freaking out over his terrible luck with women, Ross could be really sweet and kinda easy on the eye. I have to say though, my overall winner has to be Chandler! Yup, Mr Bing won my heart, he has the whole cute geek thing down to a tee, and by the end of season ten was definitely the best looking.

2. Rachel and Joey – The Rachel and Joey love story had so much potential. On multiple occasions Joey professed to have never been in love before he fell for Rachel. When she eventually began sharing those feelings there was only one episode where they attempted to have a relationship. A single awkward interaction later and they decided nah, better off as friends, and just like that everything was back to normal. What the hell?! It’s like the writers just changed their minds and pressed delete.

3. Joey and Phoebe – So Monica and Chandler ended up together, even moving out to the suburbs with their adopted twin babies. After ten seasons Rachel and Ross managed to get their act together, but what about Phoebe and Joey?? Ok so it would have been pretty cliche if the group of six became three couples. But out of all of them, Joey and Phoebe were easily the best suited. Their cute flirtation and hints at preference to each other throughout the ten seasons was so fun to watch. As much as I loved Mike, I would have loved them to become Mr and Mrs Tribiani.

4. Phoebe’s relationship with Frank junior – One of my favourite Phoebe related storylines was when she acted as a surrogate for her younger brother Frank and his wife Alice. The family dynamic worked really well, so I was disappointed when Frank and Alice disappeared off the face of the planet. They were only featured two more times once the triplets had been born. This would have been fine if there was some reference made towards them, but other than the pregnancy itself, it was never implied that Phoebe had a relationship with her brothers family. If anything, when she did see them, it was implied that she had been out of contact with them. Which, to me, is a little weird when you carried their three babies for nine months.

5. Ben and Emma – Ross’s son Ben was fundamental to a number of different episodes, featuring regularly and being mentioned on occasion too. That is, until his younger sister Emma was born. I remember reading fan theories that believed that he had died, but I don’t buy that at all. I think it was a shame we never got to see Ben and Emma together, as that would have made for some pretty cute moments. It seems like kids in general tended to have been forgotten about when it comes to Friends, for example, what happened with Joey’s sister Dina’s baby?!

6. The many hairstyles of Rachel Green – Back at it’s peek, every female, and some males no doubt, wanted to support The Rachel – myself included. I attempted it on multiple occassions but lets be real, I don’t think I managed to pull it off. The Rachel was one just of many lust worthy hairstyles that Jennifer Anniston sported during her Friends years. Who can forget those gorgeous long curly locks of season six, or the short bob of season seven. Whilst sat watching the last few episodes of season ten I decided that I needed Rachel’s side fringe, as as soon as my hairdressers reopens I’ll be heading straight in with a screen shot in hand.

7. When do they work? – The main characters of Friends have a varying array of jobs, from chef to actor. Occasionally we see Monica in her kitchen, or Joey on set of Days of Our Lives, but you cannot fail to notice that they do all seem to spend rather a long time just sitting around in the middle of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my friends, but even without a national lockdown, I struggle to see them regularly whilst holding down a full time job. How do they ever earn any money sitting around drinking coffee all day?!

8. Were they on a break?! – One of the most infamous questions of the whole series – were Ross and Rachel really on a break? It’s undeniable that Rachel had pressed pause whilst arguing about her colleague Mark, but did that give Ross the green light to hook up with the Xerox girl? I’m going to go with no! In my opinion the terms of their break were unclear and therefore Ross should have gone home and sulked for a bit then clarified the situation. But that’s just me, I’m interested to know what you think!

9. Could Ross have gone to Paris? – When it was decided that Rachel was going to go to Paris, her and Ross arranged how he could see his daughter Emma whilst he stayed in New York City. So how come he couldn’t come to a similar arrangement with Ben’s mum Carol? That way he could have resumed his relationship with Rachel, and gone to Paris with her and Emma. Rachel essentially gave up her dream job unnecessarily.

10. Final Destination – Ok, so this is a little out there but bare with me. But Rachel was on board a plane from JFK to Paris, and she got off the plane…

I hope you enjoyed this light hearted post and are keeping safe.


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