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Hi everyone!

So let’s address the obvious for a moment, it is March tomorrow and I am still posting favourites from 2019! The truth is, I’ve been crazy busy lately, as well as having to focus extra hard on keeping my mental health in check, so my blogging has fallen by the way side. However, I really loved gathering these products together to sing their praises to you all, so I decided to still publish this post. So without further ado, let’s get in to it.

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L’Oreal Hairspray Elnett Volume Flat Hair Strong Hold 400ml (Superdrug – £6.69) – This hairspray has long been a favourite of mine and I’ve never come across anything I would replace it with. Whereas most hairsprays leave your hair feeling sticky, this does not, meaning you don’t have to keep washing your hair after each use. You can easily brush through the hair, with no tangles or knots. The large cans are great value, and even better if you buy them as part of a multi-buy.

KMS Free Shape (now Therma Shape) Quick Blow Dry Spray 200ml (Amazon – £10.40) – This is a product that has featured in my monthly favourites before, and for good reason. I have long, thick hair, and lots of it. Washing and blow drying it can be quite the ordeal. However, this spray speeds up the process, and doesn’t leave any residue behind. One bottle will also last ages as I only ever need to use a few spritz.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo 92ml (Look Fantastic – £10.00) – The invention of dry shampoo was an absolute god send! I usually favour Batiste for day to day use, but this offering from Living Proof is next level. I can do a full blown work out at the gym, use this after, and my hair will feel as fresh as if it had just been washed. It is quite pricey, so I buy the smaller cans and save it for when I really need it.

Boots Expert Build up Removal Shampoo 200ml (Boots – £4.00) – As I have mentioned, I have a lot of hair, and it takes quite a lot of different products to tame it. The downside of that is the build up which happens as a result, which can leave my scalp itchy and irritated. After turning to Twitter for recommendations, I tried this offering from Boots, and it has been a lifesaver. My biggest concern with clarifying shampoo’s is them drying out my hair out, but with a good conditioner I haven’t had any problems.

bEAUTY 19 3

OPI Avojuice Hand and Body lotion in Cran and Berry 250ml (eBay – £9.99) – One thing I will never be short of is hand cream. I have them everywhere and I’ve tried so many different kinds. This one by OPI is hands down the best. I originally had a tiny 30ml bottle, and once that was gone I decided to invest in this larger 250ml as I know I will easily use it all. A little goes a long way, and it sinks straight in leaving hands hydrated. I also use it on my elbows when they get dry and it works wonders there too.

Zara Oriental perfume 100ml (Zara – £9.99) – Over the last year or so I’ve gotten really in to perfumes, and have unfortunately developed rather expensive taste (Chanel I’m looking at you…) I was out shopping with one of my friends and she introduced me to Zara’s own brand perfumes. There are so many delicious scents, with something to suite every taste. Prices vary depending on size, but the Oriental scent that I have was just under ten pounds for 100ml. Oriental contains Bergamot, Vanilla and Caramel and is a lovely sweet feminine scent. There are so many others that I want to try next!

Imperial Leather Foamburst Unicorn Marshmallow Body Wash 200ml (Boots – £3.15) – I am not ashamed to admit that I have totally gotten caught up in the whole unicorn fad. Mugs, note pads, and of course, toiletries. I’m a big fan of the Imperial Leather foamburst shower gels anyway as they leave my skin feeling moisurised as well as squeaky clean. This one is easily my favourite as the scent is incredible, it’s a very powerful sweet smell that lingers long after you have finished showering. My husband is a big fan too!

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Mitchum Ultimate Unscented Gel deodorant 57g (Boots – £5.00) – Deodorant isn’t exactly the most glamorous product to talk about. As something that is essential on a day to day basis though, it is important to find a good one. After years of using cheap deodorants by the likes of Nivea and Sure, I decided to splash out on this offering from Mitchum, and I’m so glad I did! This has a gel formula, which when applied absorbs easily in to the skin. Once applied, it keeps me fresh even in the hottest of temperatures. I also don’t have any transfer on to clothing or those nasty yellow marks that build up over time.

Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Beauty Disposable Razors (Boots – £4.50 for 4) – Another glamorous product! Bar my eyebrows, I tend to steer clear of waxing. I just can’t be doing with that nasty regrowth period. These razors have three blades, which give a much closer and smoother shave, I tend to find I can go slightly longer between shaving too than with double bladed ones. They don’t get blunt too quickly too, so less cuts!


Eve Taylor Moisturising Solar Shield SPF25 50ml (Eve Taylor – £11.50) – Throughout 2019 I really invested in my skin care, which included regular facials. My beauty therapist stocks Eve Taylor products and recommended some to me, including this one. It has been my go to for SPF. Unlike others I have used in the past, it is not overly thick, so absorbs easily, meaning I don’t have to wait ages before I can apply my make up. Speaking of make up, it creates a great base, and compliments whatever primers I decide to use.

Boots Cucumber Cleansing Wipes 25 pack (Boots – £1.00) – I know using face wipes is meant to be a big taboo for your skin, but in my opinion something is better than nothing. I’d rather use a quick wipe to remove my make up than go to bed with it left on. I’ve used these ones from Boots for years, and am hoping they start to make biodegradable ones, as I’m opting for brands that do at the moment. I find cucumber really refreshing, and especially love to take these on hot summer holidays so I can cool off by the pool.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash 250ml (The Body Shop – £6.50) – Continuing on the skin care front, I have been trying to combat some pretty epic break outs. This was another Twitter recommendation and with its antibacterial qualities, it has really managed to get things under control. It also contains peppermint oil making it really refreshing too.

Garnier Skin Active Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water 125ml (Chemist – £1.99) – Every brand out there has now released a micellar water. After trying a fair few, Garnier is easily my favourite. I usually use the bottle with the pink lid, but am trying out this one for now and it seems to do the same. It can remove even the toughest waterproof make up, and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. I love that it also comes in a few different sizes, as you can get great value for money with the large size, or a convenient travel friendly mini.

Beauty 19 6

Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist 100ml (Avon £2.00) – Due to having Bipolar Disorder, I regularly have problems sleeping. I find it difficult settling down of a evening in particular. One of the things I use that really helps me is this pillow mist from Avon. It contains both camomile and lavender, two ingredients that are know for their calming capabilities. I don’t use it directly on my pillow, but spray a couple of spritz in to the air around my bed. I find the scent very soothing and my brain associates it with sleep. It also leaves my bedroom smelling lush!

Ava May Aromas Wax Melts (Ava May Aromas – from £5.00) – Like most people, I was introduced to Ava May Aromas by Mrs Hinch, and their wax melts are incredible. We have three floors in our house and if we melt one cube of wax in a burner in the kitchen on the bottom floor, the smell will spread throughout the whole house. Ava May stock a wide range of designer and zoflora dupes, but my absolute favourite is the Black Orchid Cleaning with Mario collaboration. I can get a good 10-12 hours burning time from each melt, which is great value for money. I also love that there is always discounts available from brand reps.

Beauty 19 7

Lavana Cosmetics bubble scoops (Lavana Cosmetics – from £2.50) – Another fantastic indie brand! Forget Lush, Lavana is your go to for luxury bathing. These cute scoops are good for one bath, and you would not believe the amount of bubbles they produce. As well as the bubbles, they come in a range of beautiful natural scents. My favourite is the calming bubble scoop, which is perfect for winding down at the end of the day. Lavana is another brand that has discount codes available from their brand reps.

Lavana Cosmetics bath bombs (Lavana Cosmetics – from £3.50) – As well as bubble scoops, Lavana also do amazing bath bombs. They are completely natural, and provide the most incredible fizz. Many of the bath bombs contain big chunks of shea butter which along with the natural oils, leave skin feeling silky smooth. There is a fantastic selection available, including Congestion, which I like to have on hand for when my allergies kick in, and Post Gym, which sooths my muscles after a heavy gym session. They have just released four new scents including an Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber one, which I may have already placed a cheeky order of…

Ava May Aroma’s Bath Bombs (Ava May Aromas – £3.50) – More bath bombs! As well as wax melts you can also get designer dupe bath bombs from Ava May Aromas. Again, they have an amazing fizz, but what I love most is their incredible scent. The first time I tried the Princess (my personal favourite) one, the scent lingered in the bathroom for a good couple of days afterwards. They also don’t dry out my skin as some cheap bath bombs do.

Radox Sleep Aromatherapy Calm Your Mind Bath Oil 200ml (Superdrug £3.99) – As you can probably tell from my last few favourites, I like a pamper and I like to relax! Since moving in to our new house and having access to a bath I have really been having some valuable me time. The Radox bath oils add an extra bit of luxury, as well as leaving my skin extra soft. They come in a variety of scents, but my favourite is the Sleep one, which helps me to wind down of an evening, ready to hopefully get a good nights sleep.

So there we have it, these are the awesome products that saw me through 2019 and will be carrying me through 2020 as well. If you haven’t tried them, particularly the indie brands, I would strongly recommend checking them out now.




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