Where the hell have I been?!

Hi guys!

Well. It’s been rather a long time since I sat down and written a blog post! So much has happened since I last published a post, mostly all good things don’t worry. For today’s post I’m going to bring you up to speed on everything that has been going on in my world, and what you can expect to see in the future.

The last post I published was back in August, and now we’re in a whole new year! I can’t believe how fast time has gone, particularly as the start of the year really felt like it was dragging. If you follow me in Instagram (you can find all my links on this post) then you will have an idea of what’s been going on, if not, then let me fill you in…


So, one of the main (and best!) things that happened was that me and my husband finally completed on our house. We had been staying with his parents since moving out of our rental November 2018, knowing that we would be buying somewhere soon and not getting tied up in another year’s contract.

We had decided that we wanted to move out of the town we were currently living in, and where we had both in fact grown up, so started looking at other places in the area. In March we set our sights on a new development, and ended up reserving a house back in April, before a single brick had even been laid! Throughout the months that followed we regularly visited the site to view the progress, and I have to say, that was such a cool experience. Even now I sit in my living room remembering when we didn’t have windows, or a roof for that matter! Our completion date ended up moving a few times, but we were finally able to get our keys on Monday 30thSeptember.

We are so, so pleased with our new home. Up until now we have just rented, and it feels so good to have something that is finally ours. Nearly all our worldly goods were in storage for nearly a year. I didn’t realise how important it was to me to have my own things around me and am so glad to have everything back. Saying that though, unpacking and getting everything organised it taking much longer than I thought it would! I’m so excited to start getting creative and really personalise our space, so expect to see some posts about that in the future. I will also be writing about our experience in buying a new build, as there was definitely some things I had wish I’d known beforehand.


The second huge life change is that I have started university! On the same day that we completed on our house, I also attended my very first lecture at Birkbeck, University of London, where I am studying a BSc in Marketing. This was my third attempt at applying for university (the first I didn’t even submit my UCAS form, the second I got a place but chickened out!), and I am so pleased to have finally made it. I’m a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason and feel like this was the University I was meant to go to, it just feels like the perfect fit.

Birkbeck is a great uni. It specialises in evening study, making it much more accessible to people who have to still work full time. It also has a great student support service, particularly for mental health, and I am able to study part time. Unlike most part-time degrees, mine is over four years, rather than six. I do six modules a year and attend lectures and seminars two evenings a week. It is a bit of a squeeze fitting it in around my full-time job, but thanks to incredibly supportive managers where I work, I am able to do it. My spare time has become more limited, but with some good organisational skills I am hoping everything will fall in to place nicely.

I have just finished my first term at university and I really enjoyed it. It is definitely a far more advanced level of learning that I am used to, but I’m getting used to that now. The other students I have been in lectures with are all interesting and it is a great mix of age, gender and race. I also plan on writing about my experiences as a mature student, as well as studying with a mental health condition.

As well as moving to a new house and starting university, a lot has changed at work. I now work completely different hours, with a lot of it being at weekends. It’s certainly a tricky one to get used to, as it makes me very anti-social, but I’m proud of what I do, and I enjoy helping people. For those of you that don’t know, I am an emergency call handler for the ambulance service (yup, just like you see on all those tv shows!). If you are interested in hearing more about my job, then let me know as it is something I would be happy to write about in the future.

Whilst all that has been going on, I have been looking to improve my physical health, now that my mental health is in such a good place. One of the main concerns I’ve had with my medication over the years has been weight gain. I think it’s a case of what came first, the chicken or the egg. I was advised my medication would cause weight gain, which made me more complacent about making good food choices. The end result was me weighing in at over 18 stone – the biggest I have ever been.

Now, although I often wish I was as skinny as I was in my early twenties, I have always been a firm believer that beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes. Despite being bigger that I used to be, what I saw in the mirror was never bad enough for me to take dieting and exercise seriously. However, when I started getting other problems associated with having a high BMI, I decided enough was enough.


I have recently re-joined my old Slimming World group and am loving it. The group is so kind and friendly, and always encourage each other. The person that runs it is fantastic, so positive and helpful. The group is that good in fact, that I still drive the half hour to my old town just to go there. My brother has also joined with me this time, and it’s nice to have the company. So far, I have lost 6 ½ lbs, which may not sound like much, but I’m really happy with it. Once I have been going for a longer amount of time, I will share my thoughts and tips about Slimming World, so watch this space!

I have been a member of the gym for quite a few months now and did get in a good habit of going, but then I moved, and everything got a bit crazy. I must admit, I haven’t been for a good couple of months now! However, I have found a new gym (well, new to me!) just around the corner from where I now live, and so joined there instead. My husband Kev has also signed up, which I know will be a great help and he is such a good motivator. I’m hoping the exercise will help with the weight loss, as well as my mental and physical health – wish me luck!

I think that is everything I have to fill you in on so far. I have already drafted half a dozen new blog posts and really have a feeling that 2020 will be the year that I give my blog the time and energy it deserves. I will soon be having a rebrand, thanks to the amazing talents of my friend Claire (@AlohaLolaCards on Twitter). If you have any suggestions for blog posts then please do let me know in the comments below. Also, please do leave me your links for your own blogs, or even others that you love to read yourself, as I really want to get back in the habit of reading them too.

Have a great week!


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