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For the love of the ‘gram!

Hi guys!

Instagram has been the subject of some controversy lately. With influencers struggling to reach their audiences and the sheer amount of people buying followers, not a day goes by when I don’t read a complaint on my twitter feed.

Me personally though? I bloomin love it! Perhaps because I don’t have to rely on it from a professional stand point, I am able to enjoy all the positives it brings. I enjoy it that much, in fact, that I have five accounts. Yup, five.

In todays post I’m going to tell you all about my different accounts, so lets get started!

ashleigh rickards


This was my original and first account. I created it in conjuction with my blog, and the username used to reflect that, though I changed it when I decided to separate my personal life from my blog life. I decided to make the separate accounts because I didn’t think all of my ‘real life’ friends would always be interested in hearing about to talk about lipstick! It is now my most casual account. I post anything I fancy on there, and I don’t care if its not a particularly ‘instagrammable’ shot. This account is very much about me and my life. Which often includes pictures of pancakes.



As the name suggests, this is the account for my blog. I’m never going to be one of those people that has a theme, I’m just too messy, but I do try and keep this account more structured. I use it to upload my latest blog content, as well as to interact with other bloggers.

ashpans collage


My sister Katy was the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of makeup panning accounts. If you don’t know what they are, basically they are accounts where people share their love of make up, and encourage each other to be less wasteful and not to make unnecessary purchases. There are often challenges to help you use a variety of different products, which are great fun to get involved in. I decided to make my own panning account because I liked the idea of having a way of making me more accountable for what I spend my money on. I am also glad that I discovered this whole online community, as everyone is so friendly!



As I’ve mentioned previously, myself and my husband are in the process of buying our first house. We have purchased a new build off plan, so have been able to follow the build progress from day one. I wanted somewhere to put all the photo’s I’ve been taking, and somewhere to document the move and us settling in to our new home. I have also got fully swept up in the whole Mrs Hinch craze, so I imagine once we have moved in there will be lots about cleaning and organisation too!



This is my newest account. I am a massive book lover, and even have a separate blog purely for book reviews (which you can visit here). I stumbled across ‘bookstagram’ accounts and decided that I wanted to join in. Through this account I am able to keep track of what I’m reading, give shout outs to my favourite authors, and get lots of book recommendations from my fellow book lovers.

It might seem crazy to have so many accounts, but I find it easier splitting up the different areas of my life. If I want to get some inspiration for my house, or check out some other new builds then I go on to my home account. If I want to indulge in a bit of window shopping for make up, i’ll swap to my panning account.

What are your thoughts on Instagram? Feel free to leave me your usernames below, I am always looking for new people to follow.




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