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Film Review – Aladdin


Hi Everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I wrote a film review, but last night I went to see the live action adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin and just knew I needed to share my thoughts with you.

I find it hard to imagine that there is anyone out there that is not familiar with the story of Aladdin, but just in case, I will give you a brief overview. So. Aladdin is a ‘street rat’ living in the fictional city of Agrabar with his monkey Abu. One day he meets the beautiful princess Jasmine and falls in love with her. Before he has a chance to do anything about it he gets caught up in a plan with the evil Jafar to retrieve a magical lamp. Things all get a bit hairy and he ends up trapped in a cave with his monkey, a magic carpet, and the lamp for company. He soon meets the Genie of the lamp and together they try to win the Princess’s heart. I think that pretty much sums things up!

The first ever VHS I bought for myself was Disney’s Aladdin. I remember it clearly, it cost £15.99 and I got it in Debenhams in Chelmsford. It overtook The Little Mermaid as my favourite Disney film, and I watched it continuously! When I heard they were making a live action version I was skeptical, I couldn’t imagine the creators being able to recreate the amazing city, or get the characters right. I was so glad that I was proven wrong!

The casting of both Aladdin and Princess Jasmine was absolutely perfect. Mena Massoud managed to capture all the roguish charm of his cartoon counterpart. He exuded an innocence that had me cheering him on from the very start. Naomi Scott not only had all the beauty you would imagine Princess Jasmine to have, but an absolutely incredible voice as well! I definitely need to get my hands on the soundtrack as I had goose pimples from the songs multiple times.

Before the film was released, one of the main things I heard fans of the original film express concern over was the casting of the Genie. In the cartoon, the late Robin Williams created a character that was both unique and lovable, and it was impossible to imagine that someone else could emulate that. His were very big shoes to fill, and Will Smith was 100% the right man for the job. He did not try to recreate a character we know and love, instead he gave it his own spin, and from a humour point of view, completely stole the show!

My favourite scene had to be when Aladdin and Princess Jasmine took the magic carpet out for a spin and belted out ‘A Whole New World’. If you were worried that it would sound super cheesy in a Peter-Andre-and-Katie-Price kind of way, fear not! With the incredible vocals of Massoud and Scott, it was an absolute show stopper.

Aladdin is the type of film I could imagine myself watching again and again without ever getting bored. From its huge dance numbers to its sweet love story, there is something for everyone, and if you haven’t seen it yet, then you must!

Aladdin Mac

Side note – Have you seen the amazing Aladdin limited edition collection from Mac Cosmetics? I’m in love and may have treated myself to a lip stick and lip gloss!


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