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Hello 2019!


happy ny

Hi Everyone!

This is probably just one of many new years posts that you have no doubt read, but I just couldn’t help but get involved! So if you’re reading this, thank you!

Whatever you were doing, I hope the festive season was everything you wanted it to be. I always find it interesting to see how other people celebrate, what traditions are important to them, and which ones aren’t.

Personally, I had a fantastic December. It was the first one where I had truly felt like celebrating and actually enjoyed for a good three or four years. I turned 33 at the at the start of the month, then it was my husbands birthday, which then followed straight in to Christmas and the new year. I will save sharing what I did for my birthday for another post.

I actually worked Christmas Day itself this year. For those of you that don’t know, I work for the Ambulance service, and one of my roles is a 999 Call Handler (yes, just like on ‘Ambulance’ and ‘999 What’s your Emergency?’), so was in there from 8am until 6pm. I actually had a nice time though, we spend so much time together throughout the year you pretty much become like family anyway. I still got to have my Christmas dinner in the evening though, as I went to join my family round my step dads. As you can see from the picture below, my brother did a pretty awesome job!

christmas day

One of our 20 year strong traditions is that we go to my Dads on Boxing Day. I was able to have a well deserved lay in to start off with, then had my first gin and tonic before I was even out of my pj’s (rules don’t exist at Christmas right?!). Me and my husband Kevin had decided that we would walk there, calling in on a few pubs on the way! In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have worn brand new boots, but never mind, we still had a great time! It was lovely to spend some time with family and have our annual binge of cheese!

boxing day

Me and Kevin still hadn’t actually had a traditional Christmas dinner together yet, so come the 27th, it was the perfect excuse to treat ourselves to a nice meal out. We went to a local pub to where we have just moved temporarily, that is part of the Vintage Inns Chain. We both enjoyed a delicious three courses, which put me in a full on food coma!

running mare christmas

Although Kevin was off of work between Christmas and New Year, I was still working my normal shifts, but it did mean that I could give him plenty of jobs to keep him busy, including escaping any Christmas wrapping! My working pattern included days around New Years, which was fine by me, as we don’t generally do much. This year though we did go round to our friends and had a lovely fun and food filled evening with them. It really is what you make it at the end of the day. I definitely think I’m ready for Nanna status now though as I really struggled to stay awake until midnight! However, thanks to a new card game ‘What’s the meme?’ I just about made it, despite the fact that we left not long after the fire works finished on the telly.

So there we have it, that was my Christmas, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was spoilt with lots of lovely gifts. I’m definitely feeling this festive equivalent of Jet lag though, I could happily go back to bed right now! Anyway, I have lots of posts coming up, including my goals for the year and bucket list, as well as regular features such as empties and favorites.

How was your December? I’d love to read your new year posts so please leave your links below!


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