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France daytrip haul

France Haul 1

Hi everyone!

In my last post I told you about my recent daytrip to France, where I indulged in a bit of shopping. Today, as promised, I am here to show you what bits and pieces I purchased. So without further ado, lets get started!

France Haul 2

I had never heard of Maisons Du Monde, but apparently you can order from them in the UK, and Michelle was already a fan. It has now become one of my obsessions, with everything you could possibly imagine for your home, including glassware, furniture and all manner of nick knacks. I could easily have spent all day in there planning my future house. However, there was a whole shopping centre to get round so I settled for getting this cool glass drinking bottle which says ‘enjoy the little things’, it’s definitely a quote I live by. It only cost around four euros and I’m hoping it will encourage me to drink more water at work.

France Haul 3

Marionnaud Paris is a haven for all you beauty gals (and guys!) out there as it is your go to for French skincare. It stocks all the well known brands such as Bioderma and La Roche Posay, as well lots of others that I had not heard of. I am a big fan of the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, but find the pot awkward to use when I’m out and about, so I picked up this stick version for slightly less than you would pay from UK stockists.

One of my favourite purchases of the day is this face mask by Masque Bar. I am a huge fan of sheet masks, but this isn’t just any sheet mask… it’s tiger printed! There were a whole array of different animals, and ever the sucker for a gimmick, I knew I had to have one. This will be one product I definitely make sure I report back to you on.

France Haul 4

Since being introduced by Glossybox a few years ago, Yves Rocher has become one of my favourite French brands. As well as their bath and skin care products, they do amazing smelling fragrances and have their own make up range. Although I was temped to start trying some make up, I opted for some body products instead. I have used the shower gel before and it smells delicious and exactly like fresh raspberries. As for the body lotion, after the tester left my hands feeling lovely and soft, I grabbed the biggest size they had. When I got to the till to pay I found that there was actually a 40% off sale, and I paid around seven pounds for both. I had to resist the temptation to stock up even more!

France Haul 5

Kiko Milano is a brand that is becoming more and more well known in the UK. I have been using their products since I first visited their store in Westfields Stratford a couple of years ago. I still couldn’t help but have a look around the store in Cite Europe though. In the end I picked up a few different products to satisfy my make up cravings. Firstly, I got the Daily Protection BB Cream. I’m going on holiday in a few weeks, and like to use a BB cream if I do use anything on my face, with SPF 30 this looked ideal. Then I decided I wanted to try one of the Smart Fusion Lipsticks, after lots of swatching I decided on the shade 405, which you can see below. To go along with the lipstick I also got a Smart Fusion Lip Liner in the shade 505. Finally, I spotted the Lip Gloss Pencils and they looked like a lazy girls dream when it comes to using lip products. I picked shade 12, which is a similar shade to the lipstick but more sheer on application.

France Haul 6


France Haul 7

Now I couldn’t go to Europe without going to Sephora could I?! I have visited this particular one twice before and both times I have come out with a bag full of products. This time, however, nothing was really jumping out at me, other than big expensive things that I would have to leave for another time. One of the things Sephora is great for though is trial and deluxe sample size products, and I have been meaning to try the Glow Tonic by Pixi for ages. I wouldn’t say that it was any cheaper that I could get it in the UK, but I’m glad I can finally give it a go.

France Haul 8

I have the biggest sweet tooth, and one thing France does well is junk food! Carambars are my absolute favourites and remind me of trips to France as a child. As well as getting some for myself, I picked up another five bags for my brothers and sisters. The Choc Oh! Lat is another old classic. You get four bars of chocolate for a little over a pound, so I got some of them for myself and my siblings. Most of this is all gone now, but me and Kev were good and paced ourselves!

France Haul 9

Finally, when we were in the supermarket Gemma saw this Frozen pen, and knowing how obsessed I am, pointed it out to me. Lets me honest, I was hardly going to leave it behind was I?!

So there we have it, I was really pleased with all my picks, I think I got some great bits without going too crazy!

What have you been buying lately? Let me know in the comments!



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