Grab a cuppa… lets catch up!

saturday summary

Hi Everyone,

Well, I couldn’t believe it when I had a look at my little blog and realized I hadn’t posted anything since April! I know it had been a while, but… wow. Truth me told, my life has been pretty crazy recently, particularly the last month. So let me bring you up to speed…

You may already know that I lost my mum to cancer at the start of the year, so that has been a dominant feature for 2017. But I also started a new job six days later. I toyed with the idea of putting it off, or not even starting at all as my family were going through this huge trauma, but I can still to this day remember showing my mum the job advert and her being really excited and telling me it was mine for the taking, she even bought my outfit for the interview! It was a whole new career change, but I am now doing what I consider to be my passion for a living. It also helped that the team I joined were incredible, from day one there were hugs and shoulders to cry on if needed, and lots of tea! Anyway, I didn’t have the easiest of starts but I am pleased to say I am all settled in now and loving learning new things every day.

My health has been a bit up and down this year, mostly problems with medication. Not strong enough and it doesn’t do it’s job, strong enough to do it’s job but then I end up getting sick, so I can’t win! I have found myself spending a lot of time having to take it easy when I’m not at work, but that does mean that I have been able to do lots of reading and get obsessed with various shows on Netflix! At the start of the year I set myself a reading challenge, which I haven’t done an update in… forever! So I aim to do one very soon. I’ve tried my best to keep a note of what I’ve been reading!

My new job has meant that I don’t work funny shifts anymore, and I now have my evenings and weekends free. This has been great and came at the perfect time as I get to spend lots of time with my husband, rest of the family, and my friends. But I do need to ask all you 9-5ers out there, how on earth do you get everything done?! I never feel like there is enough time! I’ve been doing lots of fun things, such as going to a gin festival, the Red Bull soap box challenge, and seeing my sister perform with her show choir. I’ve also put my travelling pants on this month and went to France with my extended family, then to Ireland, and finally up to Manchester. I have some cool stuff planned for the rest of the year too so I’m going to try and be one of those proper bloggers that, you know, actually blogs about these things…!

I’m pretty sure that’s all I have to say for now, I just wanted to let my lovely readers know that I am still here and if any of you are new then hi! I’m not a flake I promise, I can be fun too 🙂

ciao for now






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