A happier healthier me – Week One

summer bikeride 7

Hi Everyone,

Long time no speak! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will already know that 2017 has not gotten off to a good start. At the end of January we lost my lovely mum to cancer, it’s still very raw and something I’m not really ready to fully go in to on here,not because I’m a big ole mess or anything, but because I want anything I write about her to do her justice and maybe even help others who have found or find themselves in my situation. We had to wait over a month for her funeral, so we all felt in limbo for a while, but things have started to settle down now.

I also started a new job! I now work as a Communications Officer for the ambulance service, I love  it and I love the people in my team, but being the first time I have done this kind of role, it has taken some getting used to, and at the least ideal of times too! Then to top things off, I was in a car accident last week. It was the first time as a driver, and it’s all still being dealt with by the insurers so I can’t say too much, but surfice to say it’s stress I could do without.

So yes, as you can see, it’s definitely been a challenging one! But I feel like I’m coping with the madness at the moment, and am seeing it as an opportunity for a fresh start. At the risk of sounding like I’ve dug deep for the worlds biggest cliche, I’ve been reminded how short life really is and if you don’t make the most of it whilst you can, you may never get the chance.

First things first, I’m going to continue to try my best with my new job, I’ve had a lot of challenges and distractions thrown my way but now is the time to knuckle down, I want to be the version of myself I sold in my interview.

Secondly, I want to get back to blogging, invest time, and when possible cash (no not buying followers! but I’ve been looking in to better equiptment and am currently creating a home office). I’ve got lots of ideas that I intend to bring to fruition soon.

Finally, I want to get myself fit and healthy. This is something I consider to be more of a commitment to just loosing weight, I need to make some actual life changes. My fitness level is non existent, I literally get out of breath going up stairs and will opt for the lift if there is one available! My diet is also terrible, I am definitely a comfort eater, and one look at my instagram feed will soon show you I love anything unhealthy! I’ve tried diets in the past but not always been fully commited (except before my wedding!), but I want to retrain my brain so I’ve made the decision to head back to Slimming World. My first meeting will be on Monday and I’m really excited, I don’t have that nervous feeling I had the first time I joined as I know what to expect now.

I’m also rejoining the local leisure centre. I’m not a fan of gyms at the moment. I think it’s because I see myself as the token fat person. But later down the line I will start going in there to tone up etc once I’ve shifted some of the extra baggage. In the meantime I’m going to go to exercise classes and swim.

I’ve decided to keep you all updated on my progress by posting about my health kick each Saturday, so do come back and see how I’m getting on. This is partly for selfish reasons as I’m hoping you’ll all encourage me along the way. But also, if anyone else is doing the same at the moment, we can support each other! If you have any posts about fitness or healthy living then please do leave them in the comments below, I’m looking for inspiration and motivation wherever I can get it.

I think I’ve nattered  on for long enough now so I’ll let you get back to your Sunday night.

Have a great week guys 🙂



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