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Fabulous Magazine’s Girls Night In


Hi Everyone,

As promised in my previous post (which you can read here), today I will be telling you all about a great event I went to last week in London hosted by Fabulous Magazine, where I got to meet authors Lindsey Kelk, Giovanna Fletcher and Mhairi McFarlane. All three have written books that I have absolutely loved in the past so I was incredibly excited when I heard about the event. It wasn’t long before me and my sister (and fellow blogger) Katy secured our tickets.


The event itself was held in the amazing News UK building at London Bridge, stepping out of the lift both me and Katy could not believe the amazing views (including the Shard, you can’t beat it all lit up at night). First up were some welcome drinks provided by I Heart Wines, I couldn’t partake as I was driving, but there were plenty of soft drinks available too.




Once we’d enjoyed a drink it was time to sit down and listen to the panel, which was hosted by Claire Frost from Fabulous Magazine. As the Q&A session was also being live streamed on Facebook, Claire started off with some questions that had been asked by followers. Once the Facebook session was over, the audience then got the chance to ask their own questions.


It was a really interesting session, full of advice for budding writers, as well as all three women giving an insight in to how they got to where they are today. They then talked about their next projects, which all sound really exciting! Once the Q&A was over we then had the opportunity to meet Lindsey, Giovanna and Mhairi (pronounce Vari, I’ve been getting it wrong all this time!) and get our books signed.



It was so lovely to see Lindsey again, I’ve been following her career from the start and it was actually her that got me in to blogging! It was the first time I had met Mhairi and she was absolutely lovely, she even wrote a special birthday message for my mum in her new book (which my mum absolutely loved!). I think I was too distracted and fangirly when my turn came to meet Giovanna as I forgot to get a picture! It was so nice to get to see her in person after following her on Facebook all these years. All three ladies spent lots of time with everyone there, signing books and having a good chat, and I don’t think anyone went away disapointed!

Once the event had finished Katy and I were starving so we popped in to Pizza Express for some pizza, which went down an absolute treat, then it was home time sadly.

I really enjoyed the event and cannot wait to start reading the books I came home with (Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher and Who’s That Girl by Mhairi McFarlane). I am going to link all three authors’ Amazon pages below so you can check out their books, I’m such a fan of all three so would definitely recommend making a lil purchase.

Lindsey Kelk

Giovanna Fletcher

Mhairi McFarlane 

Are there any authors you’d like to meet?

Thanks for reading!


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