50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag


Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is a tag that I decided to start, 50 things that make me happy! I’m sure we can all say that there are times in our lives where things can get the better of us, so I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could come up with 50 things that have the opposite affect, things I can remind myself of when I’m feeling a tad blue. So without further ado, here goes…

  1. My family – Kind of an obvious one but I love my crazy bunch.
  2. My husband – He brings me a cup of tea in bed every morning, ‘nuff said!
  3. My friends – I’ve had my share of ups and downs over the years and I don’t know what I would have done without them.
  4. Tea – A cup of tea may not technically solve everything, but it definitely helps.
  5. Naps – Even Zoella agrees so they are now a socially acceptable thing right?!
  6. Netflix/Amazon Prime – How did I cope before video streaming came in to my life?! I didn’t, that’s how.
  7. Blogging – It’s essentially talking to yourself right? So you can say what you like! (*Disclaimer, within reason in case someone actually reads it, no need to cause offense…)
  8. Holidays – Booking it? Love! Packing? Love! Airport? Love! Actual holiday itself? All of it!
  9. Books – Sometimes the real world can suck, so why not lose yourself in to an imaginary one?
  10. My Cineworld Unlimited Card – I have the black one now don’t you know. So that’s unlimited films and 25% off pic n mix. Sold.
  11. Google – I’m nosy. And I like to know stuff. All the stuff. My curiosity gets the better of me multiple times a day and I turn to my good friend Google to give me all the answers!
  12. Ibiza Passport control – I have been to Ibiza maybe 4 or 5 times? Each time I’m stood in passport control a feeling of happiness, contentment and excitement comes over me. I don’t have that feeling anywhere else I go.
  13. My cat – My fur baby is legitimately bonkers, he can sulk as good as any teenager and even went on hunger strike the last time we went on holiday, but he always knows when I need a cuddle, and he keeps my feet warm in bed.
  14. Twitter – I have ‘met’ (in the virtual sense mainly) some awesome people via Twitter and love our random chats, I’ve also been able to interact with people that I admire, such as authors, journalists, actors etc, that I never would have been able to other wise.
  15. Eating out – There is nothing more exciting to me that sitting there picking out what I want to eat without worrying how to make it, and even better, you don’t have to clean up after yourself!
  16. Carpool Karaoke – James Cordon is clearly the king of this, but I am fully prepared to take up the reigns to be Queen! How do I keep myself awake long enough to get home after a night shift? Belt out some Demi Lovato of course! I have a rule in my car, you can be my passenger but you must sing when I say so…
  17. Dr Pimple Popper – Not for the feint hearted, but I am fascinated with watching blackheads be removed! There’s lots of other procedures too to look at if those aren’t you’re thing. They’re all awesomely gruesome and I wish I’d chosen a career in dermatology!
  18. Organising my make up – So therapeutic! Also worrying when you realise you have multiples of the same product… but hey, that’s what Depop is for! (But no, you can’t buy it for 5p including P&P).
  19. Nice people – Nothing fails to put a smile on my face than walking past someone and them saying a nice polite hello, or someone holding the door open for me, that nice person serving you who tells you to have a nice day and sounds like they mean it, all silly little things really but they can make such a difference!
  20. The Dodgems – I’m not really a scary rides kind of person but I love a good go on the Dodgems! Though these days some places will tell you not to crash in to each other, what is that all about??
  21. My iPhone – I would just like to point out that I’m not a materialistic person, but I really do love my phone. You don’t even need to bring money out with you anymore if you have one as you can use apple pay! It has a much better camera than my digital one which is desperately outdated, and lets not forget their actual purpose of being a mobile phone! What did I do without it…
  22. Living so close to London, without actually living in London – Wow that was a bit of a mouthful. Living in Essex I feel like I get the best of both worlds, I’m near to the countryside and the coast, my town has also recently become a city, but I can get to London in about 30 minutes by train. I really can’t ever complain of being bored.
  23. Olaf (from Frozen) – He gives warm hugs and I love him.
  24. Buddy the Elf – He represents everything I love about Christmas! I do, however, wish his jacket was just that little bit longer because, man, those tights/trousers/leggings do not leave much to the imagination!
  25. Primark Pajamas – This obsession started to get way out of hand but I can’t help it! I have so many cute sets and they are perfect so cosy nights in front of the TV!
  26. December – My birthday and Christmas are both in December, what more do I need to say?
  27. Driving – I feel like passing my test this year was the biggest achievement of my life! I could drive around for hours lost in my own thoughts.
  28. My wedding dress – My wedding was one of the happiest days of my life, and every time I look at my dress it reminds me of when I was a princess for the day. It’s still hanging up in the wardrobe in our spare room and I still regularly unzip the bag to give it a stroke.
  29. Trainers – Or sneakers as they are known to our American cousins. I love a killer heel as much as the next person but trainers are pretty AND comfortable. Even converse, though you have to fully commit to breaking them in first *sigh*.
  30. Formula One – OBSESSION! If I had the money and didn’t have to work I would be at every single race. Even though it brings me great stress, I spend December to March counting down the days until the new championship begins. #TeamLH
  31. Dogs – Even just cute pictures of dogs! I desperately want one but my cat has had only child syndrome for far too long and I’m not sure it would end well. Also, I’m not convinced my landlady would appreciate it.
  32. Primark Spree’s with my mum – Primark again! My mum is my favourite person to go in there with and not just because she says ‘oh go on I’ll get it for you’! We have so much fun and end up with bags of goodies for hardly anything.
  33. Boat Trips – Wherever I go, you can guarantee, if there is a boat trip on offer, I’m on it! I’m a terrible swimmer so you would think I’d be more nervous but I think my nosiness gets the better of me again, plus it’s fun!
  34. Getting the answers right on game shows – For that split second I feel like I’m the cleverest person in the world! So determined to be on Tipping Point one day… (Hi Ben…)
  35. 2p machines – Explains the whole Tipping Point thing really!
  36. Fussing – I’m at my happiest when I’m fussing over other people, it’s just in my nature! I think people can find it rather annoying but it can also be helpful as I’ll always be the first one there in a crisis.
  37. Gin.
  38. Retail Therapy – How have I not mentioned this sooner?? I love a good shop, even if it’s not for me. As long as I can stop for snacks I’m good.
  39. Snacks.
  40. Stationary – As long as I can remember I’ve hoarded stationary like there’s going to be a shortage of paper and ink. If someone asks me if I have a spare pen, I’m likely to produce five.
  41. GIFS – You cannot beat a good GIF! As soon as I figured out how to use them that was it, if you’re reading this then tweet me and I will reply with a good one! (My twitter is @ashleigh_suze).
  42. Free shipping – I hate extreme P&P costs, to the point that companies and brands regularly lose my business. I feel like I’ve got a freebie when I haven’t had to shell out!
  43. Make up collection videos – I’m sure I’m not the only person that finds these a guilty pleasure! I also find it reassuring to see people with way more than me… it makes my dash and grab sessions in Superdrug ok right?
  44. Ice Skating – This is the only sport that I like doing myself! I had lessons when I was 18 (mostly because I fancied the stewards at the local rink…) and still love it! I haven’t been for a fair few months so maybe I should pay a visit!
  45. Reading blogs – I mentioned blogging already, but I also love reading blogs! I follow all sorts on Bloglovin and have way too many favourites to list! If you have a blog please leave your link in the comments so I can check it out!
  46. Going to the hairdressers – Is there anything more relaxing than having your hair washed in a salon? I used to go to one with massage chairs too, it was so hard not to fall asleep! I go for the full L’Oreal affect when I walk out after having a new do, (cue swishy hair).
  47. Having neat painted nails – Why have boring bare nails when they can be pink?? Or blue! Or both! I love having my nails done but can’t afford it regularly, so I enlist the help of my husband to keep them nice and neat at home (poor man).
  48. Festivals – Living in Chelmsford, V Festival is a big date on my calendar, I’m not always able to go due to work, but I love it when I do. The whole festival vibe is great, all the dancing, eating and drinking, matching your wellies to your eye make up… love it.
  49. Swearing – Sorry, but I just can’t help myself, I swear like a trooper! I even dropped the F bomb in front of my Nan this year (it was well deserved and she agreed!). If I’m stressed a little pic n mix of my favourites will soon make me feel better.
  50. Making lists – Um…


 Phew! If you got this far then well done! I hope liked this tag and were able to learn a bit more about me too. I tag all of you to give this a go, it was actually really fun and not as hard as I thought! If you do, be sure to leave the link in the comments.

Ash 🙂

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