Food Friday

Food Friday – American Candy Tasting


Hi everyone,

Today’s post is another new regular feature that you will see on my blog from now on, Food Friday! I am in no way a culinary queen, I have some cooking skills, enough so that I can survive, but truth be told, my husband does most of the cooking in our house. I’m also really fussy with what I’ll eat (basically mostly junk food) and will find something I like and stick with it. The idea of this feature is to follow my experimentation with food, be it trying new things or new recipes.

Today I’m starting off with something nice, simple and lighthearted, American candy! I also got husband to join in, so if you want to read about our thoughts on some goodies from across the pond then keep on reading!



Ashleigh- I thought these would taste like Twizzlers, which I’m obsessed with. I definitely think I prefer Twizzlers as these are much more dry and have a bit of a strange taste. I weirdly like them though and happily worked my way through the packet.

Kevin – They taste like medicine, I wouldn’t be able to eat a whole packet. They don’t stick in your teeth though like similar sweets. They were very dry and I needed a glass of water.



Ashleigh – The flavours are all very strong but not overly sour so that you end up with a sore mouth, though I wouldn’t be able to eat a whole pack all at once. The green apple flavour wasn’t as strong as the others, and I liked watermelon the most.

Kevin – There was an instant burst of flavour without being too sour. Nice and crunchy, and they released more flavour when you bite in to them. Not at all chalky. I also prefer the watermelon ones best.



Ashleigh – I love these! They’re just like Toffee Poppets but not as hard and much easier to chew! I could happily do this entire box by myself. The chocolate around the outside is actually much nicer than other chocolate I have tried from the US.

Kevin – Tasty and chewy, can’t fault them at all!



Ashleigh – These are the same flavour as the kisses sweets that you can also get but I like these better. I expected them to have a hard shell but they didn’t. The little Hershey’s stamp on each one makes the a cute alternative to the standard chocolate bar.

Kevin – I expected these to be crunchy for some reason, each sweet is a nice size and I could easily finish this packet!


PINK LEMONADE SNAPPLE (See main picture)

Ashleigh – I was really disappointed with this, it was way too bitter to enjoy drinking on it’s own. It’s better diluted with water, but I probably wouldn’t bother buying it again. Though maybe it would work nicely with some gin??

Kevin – Not what I expected when you said it was lemonade. Very bitter, would probably still drink it though.

All of the goodies we purchased were from one of our local Tesco stores and this selection came to around £9.00 in total. As you can see, there was some hits and misses, but overall it was a fun little tasting session.

So that’s it for my first Food Friday! I have a few idea’s for upcoming posts so can’t wait for those, any excuse to eat right?!

What’s your favourite American candy?

Ash 🙂

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