#eSCexbbmeetup Hosted by Saturated Colour

Saturated Colour Event 41

Hi Everyone!

For my first proper post of my relaunch I wanted to tell you about a fantastic event I attended. Way back in May I heard about the #eSCexbbmeetup hosted by the brand Saturated Colour, and jumped at the chance to attend and show my support for a local company.

Saturated Colour Event 42

I almost didn’t make it as I had been ill in the week leading up to the event (so excuse any rudolph redness on my nose of if you see any skin peeling off!) but luckily that morning I felt better so called up my sister Katy of School Run Beauty and we made the 15 minute drive from where we lived.

When we arrived at the event we were greeted by Rebecca, Hannah and Danielle who were our wonderful hosts. Whilst waiting for everyone to arrive we were able to have a nose at their products up close and a few caught my eye straight away, but I’ll tell you more about those later! We helped ourselves to drinks and snacks. The event was sponsored by Vita Coco, and there was a selection of cocktails using their Coconut water available. As I was driving I treated myself to one with fruit juice, and Katy had one with Proscecco, both were delicious! (I only had a sip of the Prosecco one obviously!).

Saturated Colour Event 21

Once everyone had arrived Danielle, Hannah and Rebecca introduced themselves, the brand, and the products they had to offer.

Saturated Colour Event 43

Saturated Colour, formerly Kiss Cosmetics, were the previous distributors of NYX make up in the UK. They are a family run business owned by Danielle’s family in the heart of Essex. Colour is their passion and their aim is to make it ours as well! They are a cruelty free brand, with a number of their products also being Vegan friendly.

With both lip and eye products, I could happily have bought everything on offer, with the stand outs being Make Me Matte, a product you apply over any lipstick to give it a matte finish, and Colour Switch, which can be used make the perfect ombre look! We were also told about their newest prodoct, the Multitasker Pencil, which can be used on both eyes and lips. There was a great selection of glosses and lipsticks also on offer. I plan on trying lots in the future so watch this space for reviews and more detailed photo’s.

Next up was a competiton! We split in to 3 groups and went to a different room, where we were then given a pack of products which we had to create our own unique lip look from. A winner would then be selected who would recieve a very generous prize of lots of great products and a restaurant voucher.

Saturated Colour Event 44

I decided not to waste too much time thinking about which pack to pick so just grabbed any random one, inside was:-

  • LIPSStick in Naked Pink
  • LIPSStick in Seductive Damson
  • Lip Vinyl in Passionate Peach
  • Multitasker Pencil in Seductive Damson

I used the Multitasker pencil to draw an outline around my lips and used the LIPSStick in Naked Pink as an all over base colour. I then went back on with the Multitasker Pencil and made a more bolder outline, and used the LIPSStick in Seductive Damson to add that same dark colour to the corners of my lips. I then used the Lip Vinyl in passionate peach in the centre of my lips and added the Colour Switch (of which were also availabel for us to use) to help blend the colours in together. Overall I was quite happy with how it came out as it was my first attempt at an ombre affect, and it was under pressure too! Sadly I didn’t win, but the gorgeous Sam from Beautifie did!

Saturated Colour Event 47

Overall it was a fantastic afternoon and I was so glad I was well enough to go along and meet the ladies from Saturated Colour, as well as some other fantastic local bloggers. We were sent home with a generous personalised goody bag too, which I have been using since and have a review ready and waiting for you!

Saturated Colour Event 38

All that’s left for me now is to say a massive thank you to Saturated Colour for having me and to encourage you all to head over to their website and check out their awesome products, which you can get with free delivery within the UK, as well as a free sample with every order.

Have you tried anything from Saturated Colour before?

Ash 🙂

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